CS:GO Battle Royale: Valve’s Last Hope To Stay On Top

  Counter Strike: Global Offensive which back before PUBG and Fortnite, was one of the worlds most played online shooters, is going free to play. Not that big of a deal seeing that the game was cheaper than some Starbucks servings. What’s a big deal though is that CS:GO is getting a Battle Royale mode.Continue reading “CS:GO Battle Royale: Valve’s Last Hope To Stay On Top”

‘Trust Factor’ System Introduced to CS:GO

Digital distributor and video game developer Valve is known in part for its small array of carefully polished products, many of which remain relevant thanks to a steady stream of updates that improve both content and playability. In an effort to modernize and further improve the experience of its Counter-Strike player base, the company isContinue reading “‘Trust Factor’ System Introduced to CS:GO”

Dreamhack Masters Las Vegas Results (CS:GO)

The Dreamhack Masters tournament at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas has come to a close, and the final day was nothing short of legendary. In the first semifinal match, Counter Strike fans got to relive the E-League Major Grand Finals between Astralis from Denmark, and Virtus Pro from Poland. Hungry for revenge after theirContinue reading “Dreamhack Masters Las Vegas Results (CS:GO)”

Valve Limits CSGO Sales During Steam Summer Sale

During the Steam Summer Sale this year users will find Counter Strike Global Offensive at a great deal. However Steam has made an important decision this time, users will not be able to purchase CSGO as a gift during the sale. To further the abnormalities, Valve’s Ido Magal cleared the air on reddit by explainingContinue reading “Valve Limits CSGO Sales During Steam Summer Sale”