Super-rare ‘Artyom Edition’ Announced for Metro Exodus

Deep Silver, 4A Games, and author of the Metro series, Dmitry Glukhovsky unveiled the Artyom Edition for Metro Exodus. This special edition of the game is so rare that there are only 10 in existence and they’re not for sale. The only way for fans to get their hands on them is by winning plannedContinue reading “Super-rare ‘Artyom Edition’ Announced for Metro Exodus”

Metro: Exodus Treads Water in Russia

This year’s E3 brought me to a meeting with Deep Silver, who were showcasing a new title from 4A Games, Metro: Exodus. I left the demo with some mixed thoughts about it, most of which came from the fact that it’s a sandbox game, and we were given about an hour to play through the game.Continue reading “Metro: Exodus Treads Water in Russia”