Untitled Goose Game Is Delayed and Fans Are Devastated

Ever since gamers were promised that they could ruin a town person’s day as a “horrible goose” in Untitled Goose Game, they were instantly hooked on the concept. Since the original announcement from last year at a Nindies presentation, fans have eagerly waited for a news update on the indie title. Unfortunately, Fans have toContinue reading “Untitled Goose Game Is Delayed and Fans Are Devastated”

Why Metroid Prime 4 Being Delayed is a Good Thing

Nobody likes it when the game they’ve been waiting on for years gets pushed even farther into the future. It’s that never-ending feeling of sadness that comes over you when that game’s release date seems like it will never come to fruition. It’s a disappointing reality for many gamers. However, when it comes to Nintendo,Continue reading “Why Metroid Prime 4 Being Delayed is a Good Thing”

The Last Guardian Receives Another Delay

After nearly a decade of development and numerous delays causing fans to question if the game would ever be released, The Last Guardian received another delay. As explained by Shuhei Yoshida, President of SCE Worldwide Studios: “Fumito Ueda, gen DESIGN and JAPAN Studio have a wonderful vision for The Last Guardian’s touching, emotional journey ofContinue reading “The Last Guardian Receives Another Delay”

50 Minutes of Final Fantasy XV Gameplay

After the announcement of Final Fantasy XV‘s two month delay, Game Director Hajime Tabata promised there would be a massive gameplay demo released at Gamescom. And boy did he deliver. The video (seen above), highlights elements of Final Fantasy XV, from the battles systems to journal layout and quests. It even shows of the back-and-fourth banter between theContinue reading “50 Minutes of Final Fantasy XV Gameplay”

Metroid Prime: Federation Force Pushed Back

In an announcement made through Twitter, Nintendo has delayed the release of Metroid Prime: Federation Force in all regions. The initial Japanese release was slated for June, but it is now scheduled for an August 25 release. The vague Spring window for America and Europe has been specified to August 19 for America, and SeptemberContinue reading “Metroid Prime: Federation Force Pushed Back”