Untitled Goose Game Is Delayed and Fans Are Devastated

Ever since gamers were promised that they could ruin a town person’s day as a “horrible goose” in Untitled Goose Game, they were instantly hooked on the concept. Since the original announcement from last year at a Nindies presentation, fans have eagerly waited for a news update on the indie title. Unfortunately, Fans have toContinue reading “Untitled Goose Game Is Delayed and Fans Are Devastated”

Why Metroid Prime 4 Being Delayed is a Good Thing

Nobody likes it when the game they’ve been waiting on for years gets pushed even farther into the future. It’s that never-ending feeling of sadness that comes over you when that game’s release date seems like it will never come to fruition. It’s a disappointing reality for many gamers. However, when it comes to Nintendo,Continue reading “Why Metroid Prime 4 Being Delayed is a Good Thing”

Code Vein Delayed To 2019

Delays are always disappointing to hear. While it’s good for the developers to make a better product, it only makes the wait feel even harder for fans. Now it seems fans of Code Vein will have to wait a little bit longer. It has been announced by developer Bandai Namco that Code Vein is delayedContinue reading “Code Vein Delayed To 2019”