Fable Fortune Kickstarter Campaign Cancelled

The crowdfunding campaign for the Fable Fortune card game on Kickstarter has been cancelled by the team developing the game, Flaming Fowl. However, the game will still be developed thanks to an unspecified source which has funded the game. According to the Kickstarter page, the campaign had only raised £58,852 of the £250,000 goal whenContinue reading “Fable Fortune Kickstarter Campaign Cancelled”

Valkyria: Azure Revolution to Undergo Redesign Following Fan Feedback

It’s been a few months since Valkyria Chronicles Remastered landed in Japan, where it was packaged with a playable demo of the upcoming Valkyria: Azure Revolution. The demo was met with mixed reception, with the revised battle system bearing a range of negative feedback. Director Takeshi Ozawa has since stated that this feedback will formContinue reading “Valkyria: Azure Revolution to Undergo Redesign Following Fan Feedback”

GTA Franchise Nearly Ventured to Tokyo

With the sheer scope of the Grand Theft Auto franchise, it’s completely understandable that not all plans will come to fruition. It may be disappointing to hear that plans for a GTA title set in Tokyo never developed further than the planning phase, but an unnamed representative from Rockstar has confirmed just that. The sourceContinue reading “GTA Franchise Nearly Ventured to Tokyo”

Unity Support Unveiled for Nintendo 3DS Hardware

Aspiring game developers have a new tool at their disposal, with the Unity team announcing support for New Nintendo 3DS hardware today. The software engine is utilized across a range of platforms, from PC and consoles to mobile hardware, and is a popular choice among new developers. The 3DS application has been in progress forContinue reading “Unity Support Unveiled for Nintendo 3DS Hardware”

Amiibo Support for Indie Games Available

Nintendo announced through some changes on their developer website that Amiibo support would be available for independent developers who wished to add Amiibo support to their titles. This discovery was found by Amiibo UCG on Twitter, who pointed out in the image below that Amiibo and Mii support in developing titles was now possible, andContinue reading “Amiibo Support for Indie Games Available”