We Happy Few Still Has a Long Way to Go

We Happy Few has been on the map for over a year now, though it did not start to receive its massive amount of hype until its E3 2016 trailer. There we saw a man existing in a Brave New World-esque “utopia” where high society live their lives under the constant influence of a drugContinue reading “We Happy Few Still Has a Long Way to Go”

8Bitdo FC30 Pro Bluetooth Controller Review

From the folks at 8Bitdo comes a Bluetooth controller that seeks to be better than any other controller out there, by creating designs that faithfully replicate existing controller designs. 8Bitdo focuses on high quality designs that feel very similar, if not identical, to the original product, generating some interest based on nostalgia. Internally, the FC30Continue reading “8Bitdo FC30 Pro Bluetooth Controller Review”

Telltale’s New Game Engine Still Has Old Problems

Telltale Games, who have demonstrated their knack for emotional storytelling, always seemed to have one major problem: a poor game engine. Their games are fairly simplistic, with gameplay comprised of pointing and clicking and choosing dialogue options. What should be a cinematic adventure is plagued with immense lag and choppy movements. Moving from scene toContinue reading “Telltale’s New Game Engine Still Has Old Problems”

Looking Into God Of War PS4

At Sony’s E3 showcase, fans were shown a trailer for a God of War reboot with a live orchestra. The orchestration was one of the best parts of the entire show. Cory Balrog, the game’s director, revealed a few new details for this much awaited title. This reboot will be more personal than ever before, as Kratos mustContinue reading “Looking Into God Of War PS4”

Focus Home Interactive’s The Surge is Dark Souls and Exosuits

At this year’s E3 convention, I had the pleasure to reacquaint myself with old friends at Focus Home Interactive, back on the show floor to show some of their new projects, which included a new action title called The Surge. To put this game broadly, The Surge is Bandai Namco’s Dark Souls meeting Gundam exosuits. TheContinue reading “Focus Home Interactive’s The Surge is Dark Souls and Exosuits”

Gameplay Impressions of Horizon: Zero Dawn

Horizon: Zero Dawn has made a significant impact two years in a row at E3, and with good reason. Featuring amazing visuals, a great original concept and a compelling setting, the new PS4 exclusive from Guerilla Games has fans on the edge of their seats. Set in a world where machines have become the dominantContinue reading “Gameplay Impressions of Horizon: Zero Dawn”

E3 2016: Review from the Floor

Admittedly, I went to E3 representing another outlet this year, but one nice thing about that is it helps expand Gamer Professionals’ perspective of the event. I still spoke to some of the same companies and developers the rest of the team did, but I also met with various indies, exhibitors, and fellow researchers. AsContinue reading “E3 2016: Review from the Floor”

Abzu Preview: A Beautiful Undersea Journey

When you think about exploring the ocean, it evokes feelings of tranquility, fluidity, and discovery. Diving into deep water is a feeling like no other, like gliding through a peaceful and surreal world. It is a calming ritual, a brief escape from our chaotic lives on the surface. Abzu has taken these moments and craftedContinue reading “Abzu Preview: A Beautiful Undersea Journey”

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Second Demo Analysis

Day 2 of the show floor experience for E3 2016 has ended, but coverage for the expo has not, and will most likely not end anytime soon. Earlier today, I took a second gander at The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, with about an approximated 90 minutes of demo play. Following up from theContinue reading “The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Second Demo Analysis”

Hands-On Preview: Deliver Us The Moon (Xbox One)

Deliver Us The Moon is an atmospheric third-person exploration game developed by Dutch studio KeokeN Interactive. It is the year 2069 and Earth’s resources have been nearly depleted, forcing the newly formed Worldwide Space Agency (WSA) to look to the moon for the future of mankind. Players assume the role of a brave astronaut goneContinue reading “Hands-On Preview: Deliver Us The Moon (Xbox One)”

PS4 Titles Shown Before Sony Showcase E3 2016

Before Sony’s press conference at E3 2016 we caught a glimpse at a few games that didn’t get mentioned during the show. These non triple A titles look amazingly innovative and unique. Focusing more on the experience of playing the game rather than AAA action, each title shows a loving touch from developers. Let’s lookContinue reading “PS4 Titles Shown Before Sony Showcase E3 2016”

E3 2016 Live Press Conferences Analysis and Future for Gaming

Just hours ago, the final press conference from Sony concluded the pre-show events. The Nintendo one has yet to air, and could still present significant information regarding its flagship franchises, but takes place on Twitch. Conferences were personally graded on several factors: quality of presentation, games presented, and surprise factor. Of course, these points are allContinue reading “E3 2016 Live Press Conferences Analysis and Future for Gaming”