Bethesda’s E3 Conference Had a Big Problem

Bethesda’s E3 conference had many factors in its favor this year, at least on the surface. While the main studio had nothing to say on Starfield or Elder Scrolls VI—as expected from last year’s tease, those are still incredibly far off—the publisher’s repertoire of other developers more than picked up the slack, with a sensationalContinue reading “Bethesda’s E3 Conference Had a Big Problem”

Elder Scrolls Blades Will Launch as a Free Mobile Game

The announcement for Elder Scrolls Blades was made during Bethesda’s E3 conference. This a mobile game that can be played in landscape or portrait mode. Visually, the fantastical landscape is as incredible on mobile as it would be on any other platform. You will play, in first-person, as a member of an organization called the Blades, the empire’s topContinue reading “Elder Scrolls Blades Will Launch as a Free Mobile Game”