Amazon Lumberyard Opens up for Developers

Amazon is continuing to make great strides into the video game market, with the announcement of their new development engine known as ‘Lumberyard’. The engine is completely free to download and utilize, akin to the Unity engine. Lumberyard is the culmination of technology borrowed from CryEngine, AWS, Twitch and Double Helix, boasting high-end 3D modellingContinue reading “Amazon Lumberyard Opens up for Developers”

Unity Support Unveiled for Nintendo 3DS Hardware

Aspiring game developers have a new tool at their disposal, with the Unity team announcing support for New Nintendo 3DS hardware today. The software engine is utilized across a range of platforms, from PC and consoles to mobile hardware, and is a popular choice among new developers. The 3DS application has been in progress forContinue reading “Unity Support Unveiled for Nintendo 3DS Hardware”