The Politics of Esports and Blizzard’s Blitzchung Debacle

There tends to be very little politics involved in video game culture, but after Blizzard harshly punished an esports player for supporting Hong Kong protestors, it shook the entire gaming industry to its core.  Ng Wai Chung, a competitive Hearthstone player from Hong Kong, who goes by the name “Blitzchung,” called for the liberation ofContinue reading “The Politics of Esports and Blizzard’s Blitzchung Debacle”

Net Neutrality: Why Should Gamers Care?

For those of you who are unaware, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) voted last month to systematically remove the regulations and protections for net neutrality in the United States. While this issue is considered by many to be a political topic, it’s something that all gamers should be deeply concerned about. This issue isn’t onlyContinue reading “Net Neutrality: Why Should Gamers Care?”

VR Intel Grand Slam and VR Challenge

Intel has teamed up with ESL to bring the Intel Grand Slam. The first team to win 4 of the 10 events will get a 1 million dollar bonus in addition to their winnings. The upcoming competitions will include the ESL Pro League, CS GO, and Intel Extreme Masters. The finals in 2018 will beContinue reading “VR Intel Grand Slam and VR Challenge”

VR eSports Title Lone Echo Shown Off at E3

The future of eSports is going VR with Ready at Dawn’s Lone Echo‘s multiplayer matchup Echo Arena. Lone Echo is a sci-fi single player game VR game that focuses on exploration and uncovering mysteries. You play as a cybernetic AI on a mining station that orbits the rings of Saturn. The central mechanic of the gameContinue reading “VR eSports Title Lone Echo Shown Off at E3”

Dreamhack Masters Las Vegas Results (CS:GO)

The Dreamhack Masters tournament at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas has come to a close, and the final day was nothing short of legendary. In the first semifinal match, Counter Strike fans got to relive the E-League Major Grand Finals between Astralis from Denmark, and Virtus Pro from Poland. Hungry for revenge after theirContinue reading “Dreamhack Masters Las Vegas Results (CS:GO)”

Dota 2 Boston Major Ends With A Bang

The Dota 2 Boston Major ended the way it started: with a bang. Throughout the tournament, players and spectators alike were shocked as the tournament favorites were slowly eliminated. Top-seeded teams like Wings Gaming, Evil Geniuses, and Virtus Pro (despite putting up legendary fights) fell victim to the fierce competition. Very few people in theContinue reading “Dota 2 Boston Major Ends With A Bang”

Heroes of The Storm: Inside the HGC Pressure Cooker

Following this year’s Blizzcon, the Heroes of the Storm competitive scene has experienced yet another “Roster-pocalypse” as players prepare for some of the fiercest competition yet. The stakes have never been higher. Throughout these next two weeks, players from around the world will battle in a series of qualifiers to secure their spots in theContinue reading “Heroes of The Storm: Inside the HGC Pressure Cooker”

The Overwatch League: A Tournament Frenzy?

Much like the popular first-person shooter Counter Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO), Overwatch’s success has motivated its creators to invest and explore the opportunities presented by the ever-growing world of eSports. At the most recent Blizzcon, Blizzard announced the creation of the ‘Overwatch League’. This ‘Overwatch League’ seeks to create a clear pipeline to becoming aContinue reading “The Overwatch League: A Tournament Frenzy?”

Activision Blizzard Buys Major League Gaming

Activision Blizzard has recently been expanding their work outside of the video game market and into the world of television and live streaming. Their most recent endeavor has been buying Major League Gaming for $46 million dollars. Activision Blizzard’s CEO, Bobby Kotick, said that they plan to become ‘the ESPN of eSports’ in a statement. ThisContinue reading “Activision Blizzard Buys Major League Gaming”

Exclusive Interview with Canadian eSports Team End Result

Executive Editor Brandon Bui was able to grab a moment with End Result, the number one Canadian eSports team for the Halo franchise. The interview details their rise to prominence and dealing with the rigors of eSports training. The team members present were Brandon Moniz (aka Moniz), Justin Theriault (coach, aka YosH), Kyle Smithers (akaContinue reading “Exclusive Interview with Canadian eSports Team End Result”