Hands-On Preview: Deliver Us The Moon (Xbox One)

Deliver Us The Moon is an atmospheric third-person exploration game developed by Dutch studio KeokeN Interactive. It is the year 2069 and Earth’s resources have been nearly depleted, forcing the newly formed Worldwide Space Agency (WSA) to look to the moon for the future of mankind. Players assume the role of a brave astronaut goneContinue reading “Hands-On Preview: Deliver Us The Moon (Xbox One)”

Grow Up: A Little Red Robot in a Big World

E3 introduced a new experimental game, dubbed Grow Up, about a small little red robot in a big world. That will go to great heights, exploring the world with the use of plants. Plants that will take you high above the earth and into space; even to the moon. You’ll catapult your way around yourContinue reading “Grow Up: A Little Red Robot in a Big World”