Black Ops 4 – My First Five Hours

Call of Fatigue I picked up Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 last week, the first Call of Duty game I have bought since 2013’s Ghosts. The aforementioned Ghosts really put me off the series and in my mind the franchise was slowly falling into decline, after the incredible first two Black Ops titles and theContinue reading “Black Ops 4 – My First Five Hours”

Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 Review (PlayStation 4)

Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 is a slow game. In a lot of areas, this is a really good thing. In some areas, it causes it to struggle a little bit. Where this game really excels is the methodically approach that you must take to efficiently play the game; a benefit of being a slower pacedContinue reading “Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 Review (PlayStation 4)”

Why Shooters Need a Retro Re-boot

The Call of Duty franchise is expected to follow in the footsteps of Battlefield with its early 20th century focus on the World Wars. This most likely comes as a sigh of relief to many who are tired of what seems to be the inevitable march towards futurism. While sci-fi is experiencing somewhat of aContinue reading “Why Shooters Need a Retro Re-boot”

E-Sports Competition Coming to Zula

IDC/Games & Turtle Entertainment, founder and organizer of the ESL, announced today that Zula Europe will be added to the list of games in the ESL. Contests will take the classic ESL format, like OPEN & Go4 and a Ladder 5v5, and have weekly & monthly format, with to-be-announced prizes. The first competition will come theContinue reading “E-Sports Competition Coming to Zula”

The Generation Gap in First Person Shooters

My, how the genre is changing. The generation gap in first person shooters is rapidly becoming clearer, and I don’t think it’s a bad thing. We can see it in games such as Battlefield 1 and also in Titanfall 2. Both published by Electronic Arts, both aimed at completely different audiences. When Titanfall 2 first dropped,Continue reading “The Generation Gap in First Person Shooters”

Battlefield 1 Story Details Emerge

DICE’s upcoming first-person shooter, Battlefield 1, released a trailer containing information on its story (seen above). Together with the trailer, Battlefield 1‘s story was given more detail in a blog on the game’s website. According to the update, the game won’t feature a single protagonist that the player will follow through the game, and insteadContinue reading “Battlefield 1 Story Details Emerge”

The Division’s PVP Will Destroy Destiny’s

The Division’s PVP versus Destiny’s PVP is quite a hot topic among gamers these days, and for good measure: the former takes the best elements of so many different current-generation shooters and RPGs, combines them into one, and puts its own unique twist on it. This past weekend’s beta was an astounding success with 6.4 million playersContinue reading “The Division’s PVP Will Destroy Destiny’s”