Baptiste Won’t Heal Overwatch’s Gaping Wounds

  After Overwatch was released to the public on May 24th, 2016, my friends and I spent countless nights playing the once popular Hero Shooter.  We’d often make plans over text to all get on Xbox and play competitively on weeknights after school until we couldn’t keep our eyes open any longer or were forcedContinue reading “Baptiste Won’t Heal Overwatch’s Gaping Wounds”

Black Ops 4 – My First Five Hours

Call of Fatigue I picked up Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 last week, the first Call of Duty game I have bought since 2013’s Ghosts. The aforementioned Ghosts really put me off the series and in my mind the franchise was slowly falling into decline, after the incredible first two Black Ops titles and theContinue reading “Black Ops 4 – My First Five Hours”

Why Shooters Need a Retro Re-boot

The Call of Duty franchise is expected to follow in the footsteps of Battlefield with its early 20th century focus on the World Wars. This most likely comes as a sigh of relief to many who are tired of what seems to be the inevitable march towards futurism. While sci-fi is experiencing somewhat of aContinue reading “Why Shooters Need a Retro Re-boot”

The Issue with Online Team FPS Games: There’s No Team

With the release of Call of Duty already circulating the rumor mill with the expectation of a return to its original WWII setting, the annual debate on franchise re-hashing among AAA titles will no doubt surface earlier than usual. Among the regular criticisms that are often leveled at the Call of Duty and Battlefield franchises,Continue reading “The Issue with Online Team FPS Games: There’s No Team”

Star Wars Battlefront Sequel Has a Release Window

The release window for the next Star Wars Battlefront has been officially announced, with EA having plans for holiday 2017. EA shed some light on the upcoming game during its third-quarter earning call with investors. The next installment of Battlefront will feature more characters and locations, as well as take place across multiple eras inContinue reading “Star Wars Battlefront Sequel Has a Release Window”

Overwatch Releases Gameplay Trailer for New Hero, Ana

The first post-launch character for Overwatch has been officially revealed. Ana Amari is Pharah’s mother and also a founding member of Overwatch. As a support sniper, her Biotic Rifle both heals teammates and deals continuous damage to enemies from a distance. She also holds a powerful pistol which fires a sleep dart to knock enemiesContinue reading “Overwatch Releases Gameplay Trailer for New Hero, Ana”

Initial Impressions of LawBreakers Alpha

Both this Saturday and the previous week I’ve had the opportunity to participate in the alpha testing for  Boss Key Productions’ upcoming title LawBreakers. A title helmed by director Cliff Bleszinski, formerly of Epic Games, LawBreakers is another entry into the “character/hero shooter” genre currently populated by titles like Overwatch, Battleborn, and Paragon. The game’s setting is the far future, whereContinue reading “Initial Impressions of LawBreakers Alpha”

Doom DLC Announced, Free Demo Now Available

Bethesda and id Software have announced the first major DLC for DOOM, titled “Unto the Evil.” This DLC bundle includes three new maps, as well as a new Demon power-up, called the Harvester. New weapons and armor customizations will also be made available. Free DLC will also be released next month. New game types, suchContinue reading “Doom DLC Announced, Free Demo Now Available”

DOOM Review (PC)

Reviewed with a mouse and keyboard at Ultra-Violence (hard) difficulty Id Software’s 2016 reboot of the classic DOOM series is defined almost entirely by one word: badass.  In fact, the dictionary definition for badass should probably be amended to reference this game. Within the first 5 minutes of DOOM’s campaign, you’re already ripping and tearing likeContinue reading “DOOM Review (PC)”

Overwatch Stands Tall Among Multiplayer Shooters

Multiplayer online first-person shooters have not held my interest since Halo 2 and Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. Ever since the onslaught of annualized Call of Duty games, I have found it difficult to care about the genre. I spent hundreds of hours during the early days of Xbox Live playing online multiplayer becauseContinue reading “Overwatch Stands Tall Among Multiplayer Shooters”

First-Person Gaming and Motion Sickness

Some of the most notable games are in first-person: Outlast, Bioshock, COD, Far Cry; the list goes on. The beauty of a first-person game is that they’re designed to make gamers feel as though they are living it. The story becomes your own, because the characters you play are meant to be you. It’s a brilliant way to immerseContinue reading “First-Person Gaming and Motion Sickness”

Planetside 2 Construction System Released

Planetside 2 has undergone its newest major update recently. The construction system has finally be released and will change Planetside 2 as we know it for the rest of its time.  A entire new gameplay mechanic has been released and Indar has seen huge overhauls. Other game mechanics have seen changes as well, all ofContinue reading “Planetside 2 Construction System Released”