Hi-Rez announces Paladins: Battlegrounds

Last year, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds took the world by storm and popularized the Battle Royale genre in video games. Many developers recently have tried to copy PUBG‘s success. The latest seems to be Developer Hi-Rez, who has just announced their new Battle Royale mode titled Paladins: Battlegrounds. Paladins: Battlegrounds is, as of right not, planned to beContinue reading “Hi-Rez announces Paladins: Battlegrounds”

E-Sports Competition Coming to Zula

IDC/Games & Turtle Entertainment, founder and organizer of the ESL, announced today that Zula Europe will be added to the list of games in the ESL. Contests will take the classic ESL format, like OPEN & Go4 and a Ladder 5v5, and have weekly & monthly format, with to-be-announced prizes. The first competition will come theContinue reading “E-Sports Competition Coming to Zula”

Review – Spellweaver (PC)

“Hearthstone meets Magic the Gathering”- this was the first sentence from the PR pitch I received, yet supposedly, it came from an early previewer of the latest online CCG Spellweaver. Although it bills itself as a Trading Card Game, there’s no trading, much like Hearthstone, once again relying on a kind of card-recycling crafting system. Immediately IContinue reading “Review – Spellweaver (PC)”