What we NEED to see in Pokémon Switch (and also what we don’t)

We know for sure that a flagship Pokémon game is coming to Nintendo Switch sometime in the future – Game Freak confirmed this back at 2017’s E3 show. But while there are still no solid details surrounding Pokémon Switch at the moment, the idea of new entry of everyone’s favorite monster collection title appearing on a proper home consoleContinue reading “What we NEED to see in Pokémon Switch (and also what we don’t)”

A Pokémon Direct Streams Tomorrow with Big News

Pokémon fans have a reason to be excited because there’s big news on the way. Tomorrow, June 6th, at 7am PST there will be a special Pokémon Direct streaming via Nintendo. Curiously enough, this news takes place roughly a week before E3, perhaps leaving room for other big Nintendo announcements during the convention. Though weContinue reading “A Pokémon Direct Streams Tomorrow with Big News”

Giga Wrecker – Game Freak’s Second PC Game Hits Early Access

Game Freak, best known by its Pokémon series, has published a new game on Steam. Their second PC game, Giga Wrecker, is currently on Early Access, and it’s been developed and published by the company itself. In Giga Wrecker the player takes the role of a cyborg girl, solves puzzles, and completes stages in a 2D environment using herContinue reading “Giga Wrecker – Game Freak’s Second PC Game Hits Early Access”

Pokémon Sun and Moon – New Pokémon and Alola Forms Leaked

At the beginning of the month, Nintendo and Game Freak revealed the Alola Forms for some of the original 150 Pokémon. Earlier today, more of these Pokémon were leaked via the Pokémon board on 4chan. Below is the trailer showing off Alola Raichu, who can see seen surfing on his tail, and has been upgradedContinue reading “Pokémon Sun and Moon – New Pokémon and Alola Forms Leaked”

First Look at New Pokemon Mode: Battle Royal

This morning at E3, Nintendo unveiled a new mode in Pokémon Sun & Moon, Battle Royal. Four players and their pokémon battle each other all at once in a huge arena, and can choose which of them faints first. The winner is whoever KOs the most enemy pokémon. Each trainer can have up to three pokémon in theirContinue reading “First Look at New Pokemon Mode: Battle Royal”

Pokémon Has Grown Stagnant and Needs Change

Being one of those poor souls who got sucked into the Pokémon frenzy in the late 90’s, I think Nintendo and Game Freak owe me one. After buying their games and merchandise, I’ve begun to notice something. I’ve begun to notice that the Pokémon games haven’t changed their routine since the first generation. The gamesContinue reading “Pokémon Has Grown Stagnant and Needs Change”

Pokémon Sun and Moon Starters, Region, Release Date Unveiled

It’s been an exceptionally quiet period since the initial announcement of Pokémon Sun and Moon, but The Pokémon Company has today broken that silence with a new trailer. The trailer introduces the new region, named the Alola region. If that wasn’t quite subtle enough, the region takes several design cues from Hawaii and the PacificContinue reading “Pokémon Sun and Moon Starters, Region, Release Date Unveiled”

April Issue of CoroCoro to Include Pokémon Sun and Moon Feature

With Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon on the distant horizon, information is scarce, but in very high demand. The March issue of the Japanese magazine ‘CoroCoro’ includes a small teaser, alluding to more information in the near future. The teaser states that the upcoming mainline Pokémon titles will be the subject of a special featureContinue reading “April Issue of CoroCoro to Include Pokémon Sun and Moon Feature”

Junichi Masuda to Attend E3 2016

The anticipation for E3 2016 is building up early, with Junichi Masuda announcing that he will attend the convention this year. For the unfamiliar, Masuda is a major player at Game Freak, acting as a developer for the Pokémon franchise from its roots back in Pokémon Red & Green Versions. His work has covered theContinue reading “Junichi Masuda to Attend E3 2016”

Zygarde and Ash-Greninja Further Detailed

Following the CoroCoro leak last week, The Pokémon Company International has released official information regarding the mysterious legendary Pokémon, Zygarde. The official release confirms the rumours that Zygarde consists of an enormous number of cells, attaining more power when more cells congregate. It also cements Zygarde as the “guardian” of the XY trio, as RayquazaContinue reading “Zygarde and Ash-Greninja Further Detailed”