Staxel Review (PC)

Staxel is a game that intends to amalgamate the styles of open world life simulators seen in Minecraft, Stardew Valley and Harvest Moon. The result is a cute little game with an interesting art style and a few good ideas along the way, but in the end, ultimately, feels hollow and repetitive. When I start upContinue reading “Staxel Review (PC)”

Deformers Review (Xbox One)

Developed by Ready at Dawn and published by GameTrust, Deformers is a multiplayer brawler that puts the player in control of deformers (because they’re squishy!) that need to body slam the life out of one another. The gameplay is addictive, and the customization options and small moments of humor keep the player from getting bored.Continue reading “Deformers Review (Xbox One)”

Ultimate General: Civil War Review

The American Civil War has never really been a popular subject in gaming circles. It often appears to exist in a limbo between the first-person shooter market of the World Wars and the strategic markets of Medieval to Napoleonic conflicts. It also tends to suffer from a lack of appeal to anyone who is notContinue reading “Ultimate General: Civil War Review”

For Honor Review (Xbox One)

Do not let the hulking warriors on the cover of this game fool you. For Honor does not fit into the style of PvP play one might expect. On the surface, Ubisoft’s newest IP may look like it would attract those who enjoy the spammy brawls in the PvP arena of Dark Souls III but this game plays aContinue reading “For Honor Review (Xbox One)”

Shift Happens Review (Xbox One)

I grew up playing couch co-op games. I remember the frustrated screams and cries of victory as three friends and I engaged in a particularly heated game of Mario Party and the long, sleepless nights spent raiding in Phantasy Star Online Episode I & II with my best friend. Although plenty of major developers haveContinue reading “Shift Happens Review (Xbox One)”

Transport Fever Review

While fighting a losing war in a conflict that destroyed much of Italy, Mussolini was proud of the fact that his trains still ran on time. Now, you might be thinking: “There’s really no academic proof that Mussolini said that”, or “Why did you open your review for a transport management game with a quoteContinue reading “Transport Fever Review”

Reviews: Are They Guidelines or Absolute Judgments

I’ve been a member of gaming communities online for over 10 years now. I have seen common trends in recurring topics that are often the same issue redressed to fit a new game. If you’ve been a member of gaming communities as well, more than likely, the validity of review scores and reviewer opinion have comeContinue reading “Reviews: Are They Guidelines or Absolute Judgments”