Batman VR Trailer released by Sony this E3

It seems that a lot of the games in Sony’s line up are going for the full Virtual Reality Gaming experience. With what little information we have, we know that the Joker could possibly be involved in a new Batman game, and that we will be up close and personal with the action.

Sony debuts Resident Evil VII Biohazard

To be released next year, January 24th, 2017 is the return of Resident Evil in Biohazard. It will be fully playable in VR, from start to finish. With intense horror at every turn, skin crawling music, and the ambiance that we yearn and crave for has finally returned.

Last Guardian Date Confirmed at E3

The Last Guardian was just revealed this E3, 2016 by Sony for this October 25th. Heading off with a bang after the preview of the new God of War, the trailer debuted another creature that protects our main character. Alongside this, our very own guardian appears injured and calling to us from what injuries were not revealed.Continue reading “Last Guardian Date Confirmed at E3”

Steep: Ubisoft’s New Sports Game

Ubisoft introduces a new genre at this E3: Open world sports. That game is Steep, a winter sports game. Complete with gliding, skiing, and plenty of snow to do it on. You will be placed at the top of a mountain on one of the many obstacles and courses. With death defying stunts, tricks, and a beautiful view.Continue reading “Steep: Ubisoft’s New Sports Game”

Grow Up: A Little Red Robot in a Big World

E3 introduced a new experimental game, dubbed Grow Up, about a small little red robot in a big world. That will go to great heights, exploring the world with the use of plants. Plants that will take you high above the earth and into space; even to the moon. You’ll catapult your way around yourContinue reading “Grow Up: A Little Red Robot in a Big World”

Eagle Fighter: Virtual Reality Combat in the Skies

E3 is full of surprises, great releases, and new games. Inntroducing the first in Player versus Player virtual reality gaming: Eagle Fighter. You’ll take battles to the skies around Paris, doing battle with other eagles, in team oriented combat over points. While the graphics are far behind what we have today, what it offers in it’sContinue reading “Eagle Fighter: Virtual Reality Combat in the Skies”

Ubisoft’s Introduction Piece: Just Dance 2017

Heading Ubisoft’s charge into E3 this 2016, is a follow up to their series: Just Dance 2017! Vibrant colors, and plenty of dancing, we were introduced to the game with a lot of dancers, dressed as lightning bolts, lions, a giraffe, and even candy canes. We get to see a glimpse of the new dancesContinue reading “Ubisoft’s Introduction Piece: Just Dance 2017”

Microsoft Reveal: Lots of Robots with ReCore

ReCore, developed by Comcept and Armature Studio is prepared to release this September 18th! With plenty of robots, puzzles, and lots of combat, we were shown a young woman traveling through the desert and valleys. Passing through different puzzles for your robots to solve, and different robots serving different functions. You’ll fight other robots in your attemptsContinue reading “Microsoft Reveal: Lots of Robots with ReCore”

Kingdom Hearts 2.8 Gameplay Trailer Released

A Kingdom Hearts 2.8 gameplay trailer has just been released, and it offers a ton of new content not previously seen. Releasing a slew of new teasers in the video above, Square Enix has shown us an HD remake of Dream Drop Distance, a scene that continues off from Dream Drop Distance that will very likelyContinue reading “Kingdom Hearts 2.8 Gameplay Trailer Released”

Banner Saga 2 Coming April 19

The awaited second portion of the Banner Saga trilogy is finally at our door step. Stunning hand drawn animation coupled with a tactics style combat invoke strong reminders of classics such as Fire Emblem and Final Fantasy Tactics. While any one who played the first game can tell you this much, here are some of the changesContinue reading “Banner Saga 2 Coming April 19”

Stardew Valley Sells One Million Copies Two Months After Release

Publisher Chucklefish Games confirmed on last Wednesday that Stardew Valley had sold one million copies – 1,007,000 to be precise. Two months after its release, Stardew Valley has not only sold a million copies, but it also stands seventh on Steam’s Top Sellers list, among games such as Dark Souls III, and Counter Strike: Global Offensive.Continue reading “Stardew Valley Sells One Million Copies Two Months After Release”

Shovelknight Amiibo Confirmed by Nintendo

At Penny Arcade Expo (PAX) Prime, it was announced that an Amiibo from the game Shovel Knight would be released, after a bout of speculation that took place earlier this week. The Amiibo will release on November 27th, and can be pre-ordered starting tomorrow from retailers such as GAME in the United Kingdom. Amiibo are extremely popular,Continue reading “Shovelknight Amiibo Confirmed by Nintendo”