Overwatch’s Lore Problem

I have got a real problem with Overwatch. Do not get me wrong, I love the gameplay. Matches go on a little longer than I would like but the game features the stunningly fast and smooth mechanics I have come to prefer in my first-person shooters. So even in the face of having a problem withContinue reading “Overwatch’s Lore Problem”

Dark Souls 3 DLC Gameplay Demo Released

FromSoftware announced their first DLC for the brutally difficult RPG Dark Souls 3 last month, but at 2016’s Tokyo Game Show, FromSoftware released a gameplay demo for Ashes of Ariandel. Some of the demos features may be a bit spoilerous in terms of bosses, but the trailer can be seen below. The DLC will release on Xbox One,Continue reading “Dark Souls 3 DLC Gameplay Demo Released”

Battlefield 1 E3 2016 Gameplay Impressions

Shortly following their press conference at E3 2016, EA allowed 64 gamers to play a massive conquest match in their upcoming title, Battlefield 1. Conference attendees looked on as actors and media icons, including Snoop Dog and Wiz Khalifa, took part in the chaotic battle. If you’re unfamiliar with the multiplayer of Dice’s Battlefield games, players takeContinue reading “Battlefield 1 E3 2016 Gameplay Impressions”

NieR: Automata Character and Gameplay Details Revealed

NieR is a bit of an odd beast in the gaming space. As an offshoot from the incredibly divisive Drakengard franchise, the title never managed to gain much recognition, and quickly faded into obscurity. It managed to develop a cult following, much like its Drakengard brethren, but most fans weren’t expecting anything further to developContinue reading “NieR: Automata Character and Gameplay Details Revealed”

Kirby: Planet Robobot Gameplay Video Released

Fans of Kirby will be excited to hear a gameplay video for the upcoming game has been released by CoroCoro, the popular Japanese gaming publication. Although the 13-minute video is in Japanese, it showcases the new mechanics of the game. It starts off with the traditional platform-focused gameplay of Kirby. All of the classic movesContinue reading “Kirby: Planet Robobot Gameplay Video Released”

Storytelling in Games: How Much is Too Much?

Any modern gamer knows that story has become an important element in video games.  A good story enriches the experience of playing a game by adding more emotional investment and context to the world.  Similar to the way we are invested in the characters of a television show or novel, we get attached to videoContinue reading “Storytelling in Games: How Much is Too Much?”