Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night Review (PC)

I can just hear the collective groans coming out… a crowd-funded video game. Is it going to be like Mighty No. 9? The majority of these projects never make it off the ground, and when they do make it off the ground, they come out as a watered-down version of what was originally promised. Bloodstained:Continue reading “Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night Review (PC)”

Google Stadia is the Future … but not for Core Gamers

Just before E3 Google announced a few games for the Stadia platform, plus some pricing options. But for those of us who own a console or gaming PC, Google’s offerings may seem  underwhelming. Especially when considering connection and latency issues that streaming services tend to have. Do not underestimate Google Stadia though, as it willContinue reading “Google Stadia is the Future … but not for Core Gamers”

Bethesda’s E3 Conference Had a Big Problem

Bethesda’s E3 conference had many factors in its favor this year, at least on the surface. While the main studio had nothing to say on Starfield or Elder Scrolls VI—as expected from last year’s tease, those are still incredibly far off—the publisher’s repertoire of other developers more than picked up the slack, with a sensationalContinue reading “Bethesda’s E3 Conference Had a Big Problem”

Vox Media Union Negotiation Concludes

Yesterday, after over 29 hours straight of negotiation, Vox Media Union employees reached an agreement for a collective bargaining contract with their employer. While 29 hours may sound like a rather long time—it is—Vox’s workforce has actually been seeking a union contract for over a year, since they organized with the Writers Guild of AmericaContinue reading “Vox Media Union Negotiation Concludes”

Switched to Switch – Cuphead

Cuphead is one of the most unique looking games of last decade. 40s Disney’s cartoon aesthetic makes this game feel nostalgic despite its relatively new release date. Being one of the biggest Xbox exclusives in past few years it was quite a shock to see it come to Nintendo Switch. It was a pleasant surprise,Continue reading “Switched to Switch – Cuphead”

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Review (Xbox One)

I have to admit that when I loaded up Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice I didn’t know exactly what to expect. As you have likely heard, this title was developed by the same team that gave us the ambrosia that is the Souls series, FromSoftware, and was published by Activision. I kept myself in a bitContinue reading “Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Review (Xbox One)”

The Division 2 Made Me Rage Quit More Than Dark Souls

  The Division 2 is the latest entry in the now surprisingly popular Looter-Shooter genre, and it’s very good. It’s a live service done well, and it certainly is going to be a game I’ll stick with for months. That being said, The Division 2 has also, at times, been the most frustrating game experienceContinue reading “The Division 2 Made Me Rage Quit More Than Dark Souls”

Apex Legends Severely Punishes Cheaters

  Many of us have dealt with cheaters in our time and Respawn, like us, has had enough of it. According to a Reddit thread, Apex Legends cheaters have been hit with permanent hardware bans. Dropping the Hardware Ban Hammer This is more than your run-of-the-mill account suspension. If someone is caught cheating, both theirContinue reading “Apex Legends Severely Punishes Cheaters”

Apex Legends Launches Battle Pass and New Character Octane Tomorrow

  Apex Legends, the newest contender in the Battle Royale scene, is launching its first seasonal Battle Pass and first new character, Octane, March 19th.   The Wild Frontier Pass The Wild Frontier Pass will be available for 950 Apex Coins ($9.50). The pass will unlock three character skins for Lifeline, Wraith, and Mirage immediately.Continue reading “Apex Legends Launches Battle Pass and New Character Octane Tomorrow”

Original DIABLO has finally been resurrected… by GOG

Diablo is finally available… on GOG! Yes, the kings of old games collaborated with Blizzard to bring the classic back from the dead! Diablo is a franchise that created the action RPG genre and helped shape Blizzard into the giant they are today. By taking a classic RPG and striping it from, what at theContinue reading “Original DIABLO has finally been resurrected… by GOG”

Please Travis, Don’t Strike Again …

Have you ever played a game so mediocre and bland, that it made you want to take your Nintendo Switch and dip it in bleach? Well I have. I played Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes which is game with so much potential, that falls so flat on its face that it most likely killedContinue reading “Please Travis, Don’t Strike Again …”

New Dark Souls Trilogy Collector’s Edition Revealed – Yours for £450/$580

The Dark Souls Trilogy just got a whole lot more ‘Dark Soulsier’. While US Souls fans have been able to grab and play this compendium since last October, their European counterparts still have to wait until May 31st to enjoy three games’ worth of controller-smashing frustration. But now every Dark Souls fan east of the Atlantic Ocean can boast accessContinue reading “New Dark Souls Trilogy Collector’s Edition Revealed – Yours for £450/$580”