The Various Sides of Overwatch’s Cultural Appropriation

Once again, Overwatch has come under scrutiny over its aesthetic collectibles, not because of butts, as was the case when one of Tracer’s poses were cut due to her rear being to prevalent, but because of cultural appropriation. There are several skins that are being targeted and criticized for this. The first, which is the most notableContinue reading “The Various Sides of Overwatch’s Cultural Appropriation”

TW: Warhammer Beastmen Preview

It’s official, the Beastmen, scourge of the oldworld are coming to Total War: Warhammer on July 28. This strikes most of the Warhammer faithful by surprise for a variety of reasons, mostly being that the Beastmen weren’t considered a very popular race in the Warhammer Universe. Even Warhammer fans may not know much about them,Continue reading “TW: Warhammer Beastmen Preview”