Net Neutrality: Why Should Gamers Care?

For those of you who are unaware, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) voted last month to systematically remove the regulations and protections for net neutrality in the United States. While this issue is considered by many to be a political topic, it’s something that all gamers should be deeply concerned about. This issue isn’t onlyContinue reading “Net Neutrality: Why Should Gamers Care?”

Gaming For A Cause: The Annual Icecrown Challenge

If there’s one thing we’ve seen about the online gaming community in recent years, it’s that they can move mountains when they work together. The World of Warcraft community is in the midst of the Third Annual Icecrown Challenge. Started by Arcane Ratsel, the Icecrown Challenge dares players to speedrun a dungeon from the WrathContinue reading “Gaming For A Cause: The Annual Icecrown Challenge”

Why Do “Gamers” Accept the Label?

I have been a gamer for a little over seventeen years now. I never ran nor hid from the distinction. While growing up, I was proud of my love for video games and never ashamed that my thoughts were more concerned with saving a digital world than saving face in front of my friends. AsContinue reading “Why Do “Gamers” Accept the Label?”

Street Fighter V NA Stress Test Is Live Now

After Street Fighter V’s first planned beta was made nearly unplayable by a myriad of server issues, Capcom decided to postpone the event until they were able to iron out the underlying problems. Capcom is currently opening the servers (to players that preordered the game) from 4 P.M. PST until 12 A.M. PST. While thisContinue reading “Street Fighter V NA Stress Test Is Live Now”

Welcome to Gamer Professionals

Hello and welcome, everyone, to the Gamer Professionals network. What was a seed for an idea has finally become a flower, and here is the product of my dreams. Gamer Professionals, or Gamer Pros for short, is a network that brings discussion to you. Its target is to attract discussion from video gamers, but notContinue reading “Welcome to Gamer Professionals”