Song of the Deep Review (PS4)

Song of the Deep is the tale of a young girl named Merryn, who journeys to the ocean’s depths in a homemade submarine to search for her missing father. The premise is wholeheartedly charming, full of imagination and presented like a children’s storybook. Similar to Bastion, every major turn of the story is accompanied byContinue reading “Song of the Deep Review (PS4)”

GameStop Launches Publishing Division

GameStop has taken their first steps into the publishing field, with the launch of their new division: GameTrust. They have signed games from independent studios like Ready at Dawn, Tequila Works, and Frozenbyte. They are also working with Insomniac on a game, titled Song of the Deep, due out this summer. VP of Internal Development and DiversificationContinue reading “GameStop Launches Publishing Division”