First-Person Gaming and Motion Sickness

Some of the most notable games are in first-person: Outlast, Bioshock, COD, Far Cry; the list goes on. The beauty of a first-person game is that they’re designed to make gamers feel as though they are living it. The story becomes your own, because the characters you play are meant to be you. It’s a brilliant way to immerseContinue reading “First-Person Gaming and Motion Sickness”

Dark Souls III Opening Cinematic Released

Anyone still on the Souls games’ hype train? I certainly am. The opening cinematic for Dark Souls III has been released today! The trailer sets the mood to draw you back into the gritty and horrific world of the game. Thankfully no mimics jumped out towards the end to scare us. In the description ofContinue reading “Dark Souls III Opening Cinematic Released”