Thimbleweed Park is a Kickstarter Game Done Right

Being a huge fan of LucasArts point-and-click adventure games, I was on board with Thimbleweed Park from the start. Ron Gilbert, Gary Winnick, and David Fox of Maniac Mansion fame would once again be working together on a new game in that classic style. Having recently played and beaten the game, I can confirm thatContinue reading “Thimbleweed Park is a Kickstarter Game Done Right”

Thimbleweed Park (PC) Review

Thimbleweed Park has been highly anticipated ever since the Kickstarter campaign achieved almost double its original target in 2014, a fact to which I was oblivious. Suffice to say I am a complete newbie to adventure games. I dabbled a little in the Broken Sword franchise, but aside from that, I know nothing of the prestigious heritageContinue reading “Thimbleweed Park (PC) Review”

Most Anticipated Games of 2017, Part Three: Thimbleweed Park

Having spent a lot of time playing adventure games during my teenage years, it is exciting to see the genre continue to have a place in the modern gaming ecosystem. Developers like Telltale Games offer a more story-based type of adventure game while The Odd Gentlemen have resurrected the beloved King’s Quest franchise. However, myContinue reading “Most Anticipated Games of 2017, Part Three: Thimbleweed Park”