Overwatch: Guide to Playing Genji Right

Genji is one of the most interesting characters in Overwatch. His low health and slow projectile speed make him an off-putting choice for new players. However, with some practice and knowledge of Genji’s abilities, he can quickly become the most satisfying character choice in the entire roster. This guide will cover everything from Genji’s abilitiesContinue reading “Overwatch: Guide to Playing Genji Right”

Blizzard Releases New Overwatch Animated Short “Dragons”

Blizzard have premiered their newest animated short, “Dragons”, for the upcoming Overwatch. This one follows the backstory of the playable Hanzo, the precision bow-wielding defense hero. Hanzo returns to Hanamura, where he faces his troubled past and history of his Shimada clan. Seeking redemption, he finds only haunting memories and an action-packed encounter with hisContinue reading “Blizzard Releases New Overwatch Animated Short “Dragons””