A Way Out Review (Xbox One)

A Way Out is an interesting fusion of the narrative-driven, quick time event-heavy sort of gameplay that has seen its rise thanks to publishers/developers like Telltale Games shepherding these kinds of experiences into the mainstream gaming sphere, paired with the gritty crime and prison dramas that lit up the silver screen decades ago. Similar toContinue reading “A Way Out Review (Xbox One)”

EA Surprises E3 with Reveal of Co-Op Prison Break Game

EA has announced a new title by the name of A Way Out from Hazelight studio. The game looks like a departure from EA’s general shift towards multiplayer only experiences, instead opting for a narrative driven experience. A Way Out is a co-operative only experience, requiring players to play with a friend in order to go through the game. TheContinue reading “EA Surprises E3 with Reveal of Co-Op Prison Break Game”