Baptiste Won’t Heal Overwatch’s Gaping Wounds

  After Overwatch was released to the public on May 24th, 2016, my friends and I spent countless nights playing the once popular Hero Shooter.  We’d often make plans over text to all get on Xbox and play competitively on weeknights after school until we couldn’t keep our eyes open any longer or were forcedContinue reading “Baptiste Won’t Heal Overwatch’s Gaping Wounds”

Blizzard Releases New Overwatch Animated Short “Hero”

A new Overwatch animated animated short was released today, which centers around assault character Soldier: 76. One of the most user-friendly characters in the game, Soldier: 76 totes an assault rifle and enhanced targeting abilities in his visor. His gruff voice and tough demeanor portray him as a typical action-movie type, though he does showContinue reading “Blizzard Releases New Overwatch Animated Short “Hero””

Blizzard Releases New Overwatch Animated Short “Dragons”

Blizzard have premiered their newest animated short, “Dragons”, for the upcoming Overwatch. This one follows the backstory of the playable Hanzo, the precision bow-wielding defense hero. Hanzo returns to Hanamura, where he faces his troubled past and history of his Shimada clan. Seeking redemption, he finds only haunting memories and an action-packed encounter with hisContinue reading “Blizzard Releases New Overwatch Animated Short “Dragons””

Overwatch Stands Tall Among Multiplayer Shooters

Multiplayer online first-person shooters have not held my interest since Halo 2 and Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. Ever since the onslaught of annualized Call of Duty games, I have found it difficult to care about the genre. I spent hundreds of hours during the early days of Xbox Live playing online multiplayer becauseContinue reading “Overwatch Stands Tall Among Multiplayer Shooters”

Battleborn Open Beta Begins April 8th on PS4

Battleborn, the new game from Borderlands creator Gearbox Software, will have an open beta on April 8th on Playstation 4. Xbox One and PC owners will be able to play the beta a few days later on April 13th. The pre-release play period ends for all platforms on April 18th. The beta client is availableContinue reading “Battleborn Open Beta Begins April 8th on PS4”

Blizzard Releases Overwatch Animated Short “Recall”

Blizzard provides some backstory and lore into their new team-based hero shooter Overwatch. “Recall” follows Winston, a genetically engineered gorilla-turned-scientist, who is bored with his current life of research. Winston’s memories are illustrated through flashback sequences while he struggles with a decision to recall the Overwatch agents. His laboratory in the abandoned Watchpoint: Gibraltar isContinue reading “Blizzard Releases Overwatch Animated Short “Recall””