Sean Bean Will Be in Hitman 2

  Sean Bean is well known for his numerous deaths in film and on television. From Goldeneye to Game of Thrones, Bean has lived many lives that have ended in a large variety of ways. Now that list is going to be even longer, as he has been announced to be the first elusive targetContinue reading “Sean Bean Will Be in Hitman 2”

Hitman Episode 6 Review (Xbox One)

Alas, the long journey has come to an end. Hitman’s sixth and final episode finds Agent 47 infiltrating a highly exclusive hospital resort in Hokkaido, Japan. Having played all five of the previous episodes, this one feels concise and refreshing, especially in contrast to the dismal tone of Colorado. This iteration of the stealth franchiseContinue reading “Hitman Episode 6 Review (Xbox One)”

HITMAN Season One Finale Announced

The Sixth and final episode in Season One of HITMAN has been officially announced. According to the HITMAN website, the sixth episode is going to be released on October 31st. It will be a very special Halloween for Agent 47 as he travels to Japan to take out two targets within the high-tech GAMA hospital.Continue reading “HITMAN Season One Finale Announced”

Hitman Episode 5 Review (Xbox One)

Hitman has been rolling out episodes throughout the year, which has had its ups and downs. The best thing about this installment of the franchise is the amount of freedom that is granted to the player and the game’s hesitation to stamp flawed methods as a “mission failed”. It can also be played in aContinue reading “Hitman Episode 5 Review (Xbox One)”

HITMAN Episode 5 and Disc Release Dates

The new episodic HITMAN series by Io Interactive and Square Enix has announced the release date for the next episode as well as a release for a physical disc edition. At first, the series received some flak for releasing Assassination missions in a episodic manner. However, after the first episode was released, the anticipation and excitementContinue reading “HITMAN Episode 5 and Disc Release Dates”

Hitman Episode 4 Review (Xbox One)

Hitman episode 4 takes us to the city of Bangkok, Thailand where an indie rock band is recording inside a beautiful upscale resort hotel. Jordan Cross is the frontman of The Class, a hugely popular rock band, who reportedly killed a young actress by way of pushing her off the roof of his New York City penthouse.Continue reading “Hitman Episode 4 Review (Xbox One)”

Hitman Introducing Elusive Target in Killable Gary Busey

Not so long ago Io Interactive, the developer of the Hitman Series and a studio owner by Square Enix, held a poll inviting every Hitman fan to cast their vote for the actor they’d rather kill in a Hitman game; Gary Busey or Gary Cole. Eventually, the role fell to Busey. Busey will make an appearance in theContinue reading “Hitman Introducing Elusive Target in Killable Gary Busey”

Hitman Episode 3 Review (Xbox One)

Episode 3 of Hitman brings us to Marrakesh, a thousand year old city in Morocco, where a political uprising is taking root. Its central marketplace is bustling with crowds of people and vendors selling rugs, lamps, food, and more. Agent 47 has arrived on the scene to eliminate two key figures in a conspiracy againstContinue reading “Hitman Episode 3 Review (Xbox One)”

A Peek At Square Enix’s Booth During E3

As summer approaches it brings reminders that E3, the largest event in the video game industry, is just around the corner. Knowing this, Square Enix has posted their first of many Road To E3 blogs. Here is what will be at Square Enix’s booth this year so far. Visitors to Square’s E3 booth can watchContinue reading “A Peek At Square Enix’s Booth During E3”

Hitman Episode 2 Review (Xbox One)

Episode 2 of Hitman begins in the center of the small fictional Italian town of Sapienza, with Agent 47 reading a newspaper on a bench. This sets the tone for what will be a far more low-key endeavor than the previously released Paris mission. Sapienza is a beautiful seaside town, full of gorgeous houses andContinue reading “Hitman Episode 2 Review (Xbox One)”

Hitman Receives Patch, Episode 2 Release Date Announced

Square Enix and IO Interactive have announced that episode 2 of Hitman, “Sapienza”, will release on April 26th. In addition, IO have also released a 1.03 update patch for the console versions of Hitman. A patch for the PC version is also coming soon with platform-specific updates. The 1.03 patch includes the following: The VampireContinue reading “Hitman Receives Patch, Episode 2 Release Date Announced”

Hitman Episode 1 Review (Xbox One)

IO Interactive’s newest installment of the Hitman franchise stays true to what makes the series great. It offers a great sandbox experience that has become a staple of previous Hitman entries and does so with more freedom and the best controls yet. Episode 1 of the new game, which will be continuously released throughout theContinue reading “Hitman Episode 1 Review (Xbox One)”