Far Cry 5 Review (PS4)

For the past couple entries, the Far Cry series have been criticized for a lack of innovation in their games. Each one seemed too similar to the one before it. Ever since it was first announced, Far Cry 5 was built up to be the game that rejuvenated the series back to the heights setContinue reading “Far Cry 5 Review (PS4)”

Ubisoft Releases Extended Gameplay Walkthrough for Far Cry 5

After a busy E3 and Gamescom, it seems Ubisoft is not done yet. Yesterday, they released an extended gameplay walkthrough for Far Cry 5. Associate producer Phillippe Fournier and scriptwriter Marri Knadle¬†discuss¬†new details about the game during the walkthrough. Right out of the gate the walkthrough shows off the different ways you can approach anyContinue reading “Ubisoft Releases Extended Gameplay Walkthrough for Far Cry 5”