Horizon Zero Dawn is Sony’s Biggest New Franchise After Selling 7.6 Million Copies

In a recent Playstation blog post, Sony have announced that Horizon Zero Dawn is their biggest and bestselling new franchise, after it sold a gargantuan 7.6 million copies worldwide. The news comes on the first anniversary of the release, and as a way to celebrate, Guerilla Games (the company behind HZD) have released a PS4 avatar andContinue reading “Horizon Zero Dawn is Sony’s Biggest New Franchise After Selling 7.6 Million Copies”

What We Need From a Horizon Zero Dawn Sequel to Crown it a Future GOTY

The PS4 had a fantastic year in 2017, there’s no question. And one title stood head and shoulders above all others: Horizon Zero Dawn. But to exceed the rest of the field in 2017 was a big ask; a year that was probably one of the best years for gaming we’ve ever seen. That was largelyContinue reading “What We Need From a Horizon Zero Dawn Sequel to Crown it a Future GOTY”

Gamer Professionals Top 5 Games of 2017

To say that 2017 has been a big year for games simply does not do it enough justice. We have seen some of the most ground-breaking experiences come out of studios that we have been patrons of for years, even decades, now. Independent developers have shown us that they can deliver games with the sameContinue reading “Gamer Professionals Top 5 Games of 2017”

Horizon Zero Dawn – The Frozen Wilds Review (PS4)

I can’t remember the last time I looked forward to a piece of DLC as much as I had done with The Frozen Wilds. Mass Effect 3‘s Leviathan, perhaps? There was one simple reason for my excitement – Horizon Zero Dawn has captured my imagination in a way no other game has for a long time (original review here). AndContinue reading “Horizon Zero Dawn – The Frozen Wilds Review (PS4)”

Horizon: Zero Dawn’s DLC Coming in November

Previously announced at this year’s E3 expo, The Frozen Wilds expansion for the wildly successful Sony exclusive Horizon: Zero Dawn has been given a release date. Players eager to see the next chapter in Aloy’s story can download and play The Frozen Wilds as soon as November 7th. As an added bonus, “there’s an exclusiveContinue reading “Horizon: Zero Dawn’s DLC Coming in November”

1 Minute Rant: 2016 Vs 2017

On this episode of 1 Minute Rant, displayed above or over on our YouTube channel, I have some musings about how crazy the first half of this year has been in terms of gaming. Sure, last year had some very big highlights, as well as some plunging lowlights, but on the whole all the talking pointsContinue reading “1 Minute Rant: 2016 Vs 2017”

How Games Media Saturation Hurts and Ultimately Controls Us

There’s something wrong with games media coverage. It’s a complex problem that I’m not sure I fully comprehend yet, but I started thinking about it when I began a new playthrough of Pokémon Red a few weeks ago. I remember being so young I was probably only a few weeks out of the womb when I first pickedContinue reading “How Games Media Saturation Hurts and Ultimately Controls Us”

Horizon Zero Dawn Story Expansion Confirmed

On the heels of Horizon Zero Dawn becoming PlayStation 4’s best-selling new IP ever with 2.6 million units sold during its first week, Guerrilla Games has commented on the title’s success and confirmed that it won’t be the last time players step into Aloy’s shoes. Guerrilla Games managing director, Hermen Hulst, stated, “We’re thrilled thatContinue reading “Horizon Zero Dawn Story Expansion Confirmed”

Horizon Zero Dawn (PS4) Review

Horizon Zero Dawn is probably the most awe-inspiring game I’ve played in a long time. Maybe ever. I was fully expecting the initial impact of the gorgeous visuals, genuinely engaging characters, and fluidity of control to wear off as the game progressed, but Guerrilla Games manage to orchestrate new moments of wonder at nearly every turn.Continue reading “Horizon Zero Dawn (PS4) Review”

Horizon Zero Dawn Becomes PS4’s Biggest New IP Launch in UK

Horizon Zero Dawn has debuted at number 1 in the UK sales charts, beating Breath of the Wild by a comfortable margin, and at the same time becoming the PS4’s biggest ever new IP launch in the process. While it is impressive that Horizon Zero Dawn has outsold Breath of the Wild in the UK,Continue reading “Horizon Zero Dawn Becomes PS4’s Biggest New IP Launch in UK”

Horizon Zero Dawn – Story Trailer

Horizon Zero Dawn, the game featuring robotic dinosaurs in a post-apocalyptic world, received a new trailer today highlighting elements of the game’s story. The game follows Aloy, a huntress who survived the slaughter of many members of her tribe. She is then tasked with tracking down masked villains who have been reviving old and decayedContinue reading “Horizon Zero Dawn – Story Trailer”

Gameplay Impressions of Horizon: Zero Dawn

Horizon: Zero Dawn has made a significant impact two years in a row at E3, and with good reason. Featuring amazing visuals, a great original concept and a compelling setting, the new PS4 exclusive from Guerilla Games has fans on the edge of their seats. Set in a world where machines have become the dominantContinue reading “Gameplay Impressions of Horizon: Zero Dawn”