Hyrule Warriors Legends Review (New Nintendo 3DS)

Editor’s Note: This game was reviewed on the New Nintendo 3DS. Hyrule Warriors Legends is a port of sorts of the original Hyrule Warriors which launched on the Nintendo Wii U in 2014. Hyrule Warriors was a surprise hit on the Wii, published to Koei Tecmo and a spinoff of both the Zelda series and the DynastyContinue reading “Hyrule Warriors Legends Review (New Nintendo 3DS)”

Hyrule Warriors Legends Season Pass Detailed

The latest sub-chapter in The Legend of Zelda is but a week away, with Hyrule Warriors Legends arriving in all regions on the Nintendo 3DS. Following the collaboration with Tecmo Koei on a Dynasty Warriors-related spin-off, Legends makes its way to the Nintendo 3DS with its own bevy of exclusive content. A Season Pass will be available with theContinue reading “Hyrule Warriors Legends Season Pass Detailed”

Hyrule Warriors Legends Receives New Trailer

In anticipation of the upcoming Hyrule Warriors Legends for 3DS, Nintendo has released a new trailer for the title. The ‘Legendary Warriors Unleashed’ trailer highlights the new playable characters in Toon Link, Skull Kid, the King of Red Lions, Tetra and Linkle. Backed by a frenetic rock rendition of the classic Zelda theme, each characterContinue reading “Hyrule Warriors Legends Receives New Trailer”

Hyrule Warriors Legends will not be Playable in 3D on Original Nintendo 3DS

Those who own an original 3DS will not be able to play Hyrule Warriors Legends in stereoscopic 3D, according to producer Yosuke Hayashi. In a translated interview with 4Gamer, Hayashi revealed that in order for Hyrule Warriors Legends to have as many enemies on screen as the Wii U version, the 3D functionality on the original 3DSContinue reading “Hyrule Warriors Legends will not be Playable in 3D on Original Nintendo 3DS”

Toon Link Enters the Fray in Hyrule Warriors Legends

The latest issue of the Japanese gaming publication Famitsu has revealed that Toon Link will be a playable character in Hyrule Warriors Legends for the Nintendo 3DS. While the character won’t be available in the game’s traditional Legend Mode, he will be playable in the abundance of other modes found within Hyrule Warriors Legends. Because of the connectivity between Hyrule WarriorsContinue reading “Toon Link Enters the Fray in Hyrule Warriors Legends”