I am Setsuna Review – PlayStation 4

Long gone are the days where Japanese Role-Playing Games (JRPGs) were the peak of gameplay and storytelling in the video game world. Before technology replaced the simple yet charming pixel art with polygons and 3D models, and before western influence pushed the need for maturity and realism, JRPGs represented a simpler time in gaming history. IContinue reading “I am Setsuna Review – PlayStation 4”

A Peek At Square Enix’s Booth During E3

As summer approaches it brings reminders that E3, the largest event in the video game industry, is just around the corner. Knowing this, Square Enix has posted their first of many Road To E3 blogs. Here is what will be at Square Enix’s booth this year so far. Visitors to Square’s E3 booth can watchContinue reading “A Peek At Square Enix’s Booth During E3”