Prey Demo: Opening Hour Impressions – A Good Scare, but Slow

I decided to play through the demo for the upcoming video game Prey, a re-imagining of the original Prey from 2006. Although I left ultimately satisfied, there were a few aspects of Prey’s demo that gave me pause. I saw enough to warrant adding the full game to my ever-growing list of titles that I amContinue reading “Prey Demo: Opening Hour Impressions – A Good Scare, but Slow”

Game Developers Conference (GDC) Post-Mortem

During the week of February 27th to March 3, San Fransisco was the host of the annual Game Developers Conference (GDC). The event contains a myriad of events aimed at networking, advising, and the demonstration of games and technology. The show floor was brimming with games from AAA developers and young hobbyists alike. This year,Continue reading “Game Developers Conference (GDC) Post-Mortem”

Battlerite Early Access Impressions

Bloodline Champions (BLC) was regarded as a brilliant free-to-play game, a PvP arena brawler with the game being driven purely by skill. The community then began to agree that the game had started to degrade in quality. Players attributed this to Funcom, who was involved in the game. As such, developer Stunlock Studios choice to separate themselvesContinue reading “Battlerite Early Access Impressions”

Battlefield 1 Multiplayer Beta Impressions

Hosting an open beta gives developers a chance to show off the work they’ve put into game to players eagerly awaiting the game’s release. While the primary goal for developers who run the open beta is to test out back-end and structural issues (which is why Battlefield 1‘s beta launched with so many server issues),Continue reading “Battlefield 1 Multiplayer Beta Impressions”

Impressions: NeuroVoider

NeuroVoider is a twin-stick shooter/roguelike game currently in development at Flying Oak Games. Although currently short on plot, it charges the player and up to three friends with customizing and upgrading a unique robot and destroying waves upon waves of enemy robots. NeuroVoider is still well within the alpha period, and as such is missingContinue reading “Impressions: NeuroVoider”