SEGA Europe to Deny Atlus Localization Support

Atlus has had a bit of a patchy history with the European market, with frequent release delays and suboptimal service. With their acquisition by SEGA Sammy Holdings, there seemed to be small glimmer of hope for Europe. The potential for SEGA’s European branch to take over localization would allow for a more streamlined localization process,Continue reading “SEGA Europe to Deny Atlus Localization Support”

Steam Review System Updated

The Steam community is one of the more expansive gaming networks around, with ongoing discussion on a vast range of gaming topics. With the introduction of a review system for titles on the Steam storefront a few years ago, it became possible for viewers to ascertain the quality of a game at a glance, orContinue reading “Steam Review System Updated”

NIS America to Cease Partnership with Atlus

NIS America, the company responsible for publishing a wide range of Atlus games in Europe, has formally cut ties with Atlus. Due to a strained partnership following Atlus’ takeover by Sega Sammy Holdings, NIS America will no longer publish Atlus titles in Europe, nor will Atlus aid in American distrubtion of NIS titles. “Atlus becameContinue reading “NIS America to Cease Partnership with Atlus”

Sony ForwardWorks to Spearhead Shift to Mobile Market

In yet another shift towards the mobile market, Sony Interactive Entertainment (formerly Sony Computer Entertainment) has announced the formation of a new development division. This new branch of Sony has been named ‘ForwardWorks Corporation,’ and is set to commence activity on April 1. The direct goal of ForwardWorks is to bring established PlayStation characters andContinue reading “Sony ForwardWorks to Spearhead Shift to Mobile Market”

GameTrailers Crew Reunites as Easy Allies

Early last month, we reported on the closure of GameTrailers, one of the leaders in video game journalism. It was a shock turn of events, given the impact they have had on the industry but an announcement from the GameTrailers team today is sure to lessen the impact. In a brief YouTube video, core staffContinue reading “GameTrailers Crew Reunites as Easy Allies”