Microsoft Acquires Legendary Obsidian Entertainment

Yes, you read it right. Microsoft the makers of Xbox One acquired legendary studio behind Star Wars The Knights of Old Republic II: The Sith LordsĀ and Fallout: New Vegas. Today at their Inside Xbox event in Mexico City, Xbox has confirmed the rumours from few weeks ago about their plans to acquire Obsidian Entertainment. TheContinue reading “Microsoft Acquires Legendary Obsidian Entertainment”

Inside Xbox Is Set to Premiere on March 10th

On March 10th at 12:00pm PST, Inside Xbox will go live. Inside Xbox is will share news, game information, and communicate about all the happening within Micrsoft’s gaming side to Xbox fans. To kick things off, Inside Xbox will have a live news broadcast that will disclose announcements and show what Team Xbox has beenContinue reading “Inside Xbox Is Set to Premiere on March 10th”