Limbo and Inside Developer Playdead Tease their New Project

The developers Playdead have been very successful with indie hits such as Limbo and Inside, and it seems the sky is the limit for this talented team. Now it seems they may be teasing their next project. #GDC18 If you are creative, passionate and looking for a new challenge, please visit us at GDC’s SouthContinue reading “Limbo and Inside Developer Playdead Tease their New Project”

Inside Coming to PS4 Soon

After reports of a release by the end of August, game developer Playdead has announced that their latest masterpiece, Inside, is coming to PlayStation 4 on August 23rd. Inside released in late June on PC and Xbox One to critical acclaim. Shortly after the release, Playdead told Push Square on July 5th that, “Our goal isContinue reading “Inside Coming to PS4 Soon”

Inside Review (Xbox One)

Playdead’s Inside begins with a young boy running through the woods at night, avoiding dogs and men with flashlights while sneaking into some kind of facility. This sets the tone for what will be a very dark and depressing journey through a very strange world. Its first 15 minutes are some of the more memorableContinue reading “Inside Review (Xbox One)”