EA, You’ve Done It Again!

Today was the press conference for EA Play, kicking off the festivities for E3 2019. A majority of the chatter surrounding this conference centered around some new gameplay we were shown for the next Star Wars game, Jedi Fallen Order. For better or worse, we’ve got a slightly clearer picture of what to expect aboutContinue reading “EA, You’ve Done It Again!”

EA Play 2018 – Boredom, Disappointment, and Frustration

E3 2018 has begun, but it was not the best start. As usual it was EA that kicked off the show with their EA Play conference, which turned out to be a lackluster event. With only few reveals (some of which felt more like slap in a face), cringey host, and boring Q&A it seemsContinue reading “EA Play 2018 – Boredom, Disappointment, and Frustration”