A Gamer’s Look into Game Art Design

With technology advancing at a rapid rate, new video game hardware has continued to launch gaming into the far-fledged future, generation after generation, and as consumers of video games we commonly gush over titles with photo-realistic visuals and high-fidelity. This two traits are commonly acknowledged as the pinnacle of graphical power. Let’s take a lookContinue reading “A Gamer’s Look into Game Art Design”

Games Without Words – Something to Talk About

Since the origin of video games, they have been a powerful medium for telling emotional and thought-provoking stories. From searching castle after castle for your princess, to obtaining a relic gifted from the goddesses to bring about a new golden age, stories have been one of the most intrinsically rewarding parts of gaming since theirContinue reading “Games Without Words – Something to Talk About”

Thatgamecompany Is Teasing Their New Game

Throughout the day, thatgamecompany has been teasing us with artwork pertaining to their newest game. Thatgamecompany left their stamp on the gaming industry with their incredible games Journey and Flow, the former received multiple Game of the Year nominations during 2012. Check out the teaser artwork below. Thatgamecompany’s blog lists this that this new gameContinue reading “Thatgamecompany Is Teasing Their New Game”

Abzu Preview: A Beautiful Undersea Journey

When you think about exploring the ocean, it evokes feelings of tranquility, fluidity, and discovery. Diving into deep water is a feeling like no other, like gliding through a peaceful and surreal world. It is a calming ritual, a brief escape from our chaotic lives on the surface. Abzu has taken these moments and craftedContinue reading “Abzu Preview: A Beautiful Undersea Journey”