Junichi Masuda to Attend E3 2016

The anticipation for E3 2016 is building up early, with Junichi Masuda announcing that he will attend the convention this year. For the unfamiliar, Masuda is a major player at Game Freak, acting as a developer for the Pokémon franchise from its roots back in Pokémon Red & Green Versions. His work has covered theContinue reading “Junichi Masuda to Attend E3 2016”

Pokémon Goes to the Real World!

Well, this was a surprising move! In an announcement by the Pokémon Company this morning, their efforts to move into the field of mobile gaming was made perfectly clear, with the introduction of Pokémon Go – an Ingress-like title that has players going to locations throughout the world and capturing Pokémon with the aid of aContinue reading “Pokémon Goes to the Real World!”