Kingdom Hearts 2.8 Gameplay Trailer Released

A Kingdom Hearts 2.8 gameplay trailer has just been released, and it offers a ton of new content not previously seen. Releasing a slew of new teasers in the video above, Square Enix has shown us an HD remake of Dream Drop Distance, a scene that continues off from Dream Drop Distance that will very likelyContinue reading “Kingdom Hearts 2.8 Gameplay Trailer Released”

Kingdom Hearts Unchained X Release Date Confirmed

Although the wait for Kingdom Hearts III has been long and arduous, a recent announcement from Square Enix may indeed help to tide fans over. Kingdom Hearts Unchained X is set to launch on iOS and Android on April 7, as confirmed in an official Square Enix blog post. The title was initially announced backContinue reading “Kingdom Hearts Unchained X Release Date Confirmed”

Kingdom Hearts III and 2.8 HD Trailers Revealed at Jump Festa 2015

Kingdom Hearts is getting some new trailers, straight out of Jump Festa 2015. The new trailers show off gameplay and cutscene footage of both titles, and can be found in the embedded Youtube video below. While a firm release date for the highly-anticipated Kingdom Hearts III has yet to be announced, HD 2.8 still appears to be onContinue reading “Kingdom Hearts III and 2.8 HD Trailers Revealed at Jump Festa 2015”

TGS Trailer Roundup

There has been a big showing thus far at the Tokyo Game Show, so in the interest of efficiency, we’ve rounded up all of the trailers and big news in one place. In no particular order, here is the rundown: From Software has confirmed the release of Bloodborne DLC with The Old Hunters. The expansionContinue reading “TGS Trailer Roundup”

Kingdom Hearts 2.9 Possibly Coming to the PS3 and PS4

Fansite KH13 has discovered a very interesting listing on Linkedin that may point to the possibility of a Kingdom Hearts 2.9 being developed for the Playstation 3 and Playstation 4 consoles. The listing shows that a game designer from Osaka worked on Kingdom Hearts 2.9 from August 2014 to June 2015, a game that has not been currentlyContinue reading “Kingdom Hearts 2.9 Possibly Coming to the PS3 and PS4”