Initial Impressions of LawBreakers Alpha

Both this Saturday and the previous week I’ve had the opportunity to participate in the alpha testing for  Boss Key Productions’ upcoming title LawBreakers. A title helmed by director Cliff Bleszinski, formerly of Epic Games, LawBreakers is another entry into the “character/hero shooter” genre currently populated by titles like Overwatch, Battleborn, and Paragon. The game’s setting is the far future, whereContinue reading “Initial Impressions of LawBreakers Alpha”

New Map Announced for Lawbreakers

A new map was shown off for the upcoming game Lawbreakers at the PC Gaming Show today. The map is called Promenade. Cliff Blezinski came on stage to talk about specific mechanics of the game, such as the low gravity movement throughout the maps. The game is going into closed alpha on June 18, lettingContinue reading “New Map Announced for Lawbreakers”

Lawbreakers Will Release this Year

Lawbreakers is a fast paced action shooter from the makers of Gears of War. After five years Cliff Bleszinski plans to move on from Gears. This isn’t terrible news as he plans to make Lawbreakers with just as much, if not more, devotion. The goal with Lawbreakers is to evolve what is already in place. WeContinue reading “Lawbreakers Will Release this Year”