Titanfall 2 Information Leaked on Reddit

Information about Titanfall 2 has allegedly been leaked, thanks to Reddit user “ilovegoogleglass.” The Reddit post was quickly deleted by moderators, but posters from NeoGAF managed to save the text beforehand. Citing an unknown source, ilovegoogleglass claimed that Respawn Entertainment’s sequel will add many new gameplay mechanics. A key addition is a grappling hook, which canContinue reading “Titanfall 2 Information Leaked on Reddit”

Steam Helpdesk Leaks Point to Inbound Ports

It seems a wave of console ports are inbound to the Steam Storefront, if the recent leaks from the Steam Helpdesk are to be believed. Neogaf users Madjoki and Lashman posted a list of titles previously absent from the Storefront, yet curiously listed as topics on the Steam Helpdesk service. Among the listed game wereContinue reading “Steam Helpdesk Leaks Point to Inbound Ports”