World of Warcraft’s Patch 7.1.5 Release Date Announced

The eagerly-awaited Patch 7.1.5 is finally set to hit live World of Warcraft servers on January 10th. 7.1.5 was announced back in November during Blizzcon and hit Public Test Realms not long after that. This announcement came on the heels of Patch 7.1.0’s release, proving Blizzard has every intention on sticking to their commitment ofContinue reading “World of Warcraft’s Patch 7.1.5 Release Date Announced”

Gaming For A Cause: The Annual Icecrown Challenge

If there’s one thing we’ve seen about the online gaming community in recent years, it’s that they can move mountains when they work together. The World of Warcraft community is in the midst of the Third Annual Icecrown Challenge. Started by Arcane Ratsel, the Icecrown Challenge dares players to speedrun a dungeon from the WrathContinue reading “Gaming For A Cause: The Annual Icecrown Challenge”

World of Warcraft: Legion Review

Every time Blizzard releases a new expansion for World of Warcraft, the same old questions and theories make their rounds on the internet like clockwork. The most common, and dare I say the most ignorant of these is: “will X expansion save WoW?” I’ve always hated this question, not because I’m a fanboy (I am)Continue reading “World of Warcraft: Legion Review”

Introducing the Titans of Titanfall 2

Everyone who ventured into the Titanfall 2 tech test over the past two weekends got to play with Scorch and Ion. Even the personality of the third Titan in this dysfunctional metallic family, Ronin, has been hinted at. Respawn have now unveiled the full roster with the video above, and they look a nasty lot.Continue reading “Introducing the Titans of Titanfall 2”

Gamescom 2016: World of Warcraft Legion: Patch 7.1 Detailed

With World of Warcraft’s sixth expansion just a few weeks away, Blizzard is already debuting footage from Legion’s first major patch: Patch 7.1: Return to Karazhan. In a stream with popular WoW Twitch streamer, Slootbag, Blizzard’s WoW Assistant Game Director, Ion Hazzikostas, most commonly known as WatcherDev, detailed the upcoming patch to the acclaimed MMO. TheContinue reading “Gamescom 2016: World of Warcraft Legion: Patch 7.1 Detailed”

A Lot of People Are Playing Overwatch

Activision-Blizzard’s second quarterly earnings were released this week with a few nuggets of information on popular franchises under the Activision-Blizzard banner. Predictably, the enormous launch of Overwatch was a main focus of their second quarter earnings call and Q&A. So what have people been playing? Lets go over the numbers a little. Robert A. Kotick, President/CEOContinue reading “A Lot of People Are Playing Overwatch”

Release Date for World of Warcraft: Legion Announced

Today Blizzard unveiled that their latest expansion, World of Warcraft: Legion will hit store shelves on August 30th. This comes on the heels of speculation about the release of the game in recent weeks by retailers and consumers alike. In a press release Blizzard stated, “The great enemy of Azeroth is back, and soon the kingdomsContinue reading “Release Date for World of Warcraft: Legion Announced”

BlizzCon: World of Warcraft Legion Expansion Details Announced

At the currently ongoing BlizzCon event in Anaheim, the Blizzard team is just hurling slews of information at its fans with its decorated roster of titles. World of Warcraft’s new expansion has received its first major details from its content panels. A new trailer was revealed, and a release date was given: Summer 2016. This expansion, announcedContinue reading “BlizzCon: World of Warcraft Legion Expansion Details Announced”