Kynseed is the New 2D RPG from ex-Fable Devs

A group of developers formerly of the now-defunct Lionhead Studios have revealed their new 2D RPG called Kynseed. Lionhead was largely known for their work on the Fable franchise. Described as “a sandbox RPG adventure where choices impact generations”, Kynseed appears to share some similarities with the hugely popular Stardew Valley. Players spend their timeContinue reading “Kynseed is the New 2D RPG from ex-Fable Devs”

Rest In Peace Lionhead Studios

The world of developing games isn’t a safe one. Many developers are lost every year, both big and small. In the last decade, we have lost studios such as Bizarre Creations (Project Gotham Racing), Eden Games (Test Drive Unlimited), Neversoft (Tony Hawk), and Rockstar Vancouver (Bully) to name just a few. However we’ve had aContinue reading “Rest In Peace Lionhead Studios”

Microsoft Cancels ‘Fable Legends’

Microsoft has ceased all development on the online action RPG Fable Legends. Longtime Fable creator and developer, Lionhead Studios, is also at great risk of shutting down. Fable Legends had been in development since summer 2012 and has been hailed as an always-online Fable adventure. Additionally, it would feature cross-device play between Xbox One and WindowsContinue reading “Microsoft Cancels ‘Fable Legends’”