Minuscule Wireless Temperature Sensor Needs No Battery

Dutch researchers have created a tiny (2 millimetres) wireless temperature sensor which doesn’t need a battery to power it. Using radio waves emitted by the sensors wireless router, the sensor can collect enough energy to power up then start transmitting the temperature back to the wireless router. Currently the minute sensor needs to be within 2.5 centimetres (1 inch) ofContinue reading “Minuscule Wireless Temperature Sensor Needs No Battery”

Nokia’s Professional Virtual Reality Camera Ozo

Nokia has released full specs and pricing for the their ball-shaped, virtual reality camera called Ozo. The Ozo uses eight synchronized 2K x 2K image sensors at 30 frames per second to record a 360-degree spherical video with audio. An interchangeable 500GB solid-state drive is used to record up to 45 minutes worth of footage. TheContinue reading “Nokia’s Professional Virtual Reality Camera Ozo”

Smartwatch You Build With Modular Functionality

The smartwatch company, BLOCKS, does not want to compromise on features so they have created a modular smartwatch. You start with the Core, which is a fully functional smartwatch by itself, then add Modules to the strap to enhance functionality. The Modules become links in the strap and can include heart rate monitors, GPS tracking modules andContinue reading “Smartwatch You Build With Modular Functionality”

Row-bot Robot Cleans Polluted Water

Researchers at Bristol University in the UK recently unveiled the Row-Bot, a small robot with the ability to clean pollution in water. The small robot floats on water and generates electricity by collecting microbes and consuming them in a Microbial Fuel Cell (MFC), which is similar to a digestive system. The power generated is enough to power two paddles,Continue reading “Row-bot Robot Cleans Polluted Water”