Metal Gear Survive Struggles in UK Week One Sales Charts

It seems like Konami’s attempt to keep the Metal Gear universe alive and kicking without Hideo Kojima has fallen flat. Metal Gear Survive enters the UK charts at Number 6, according to GFK Chart-Track. While this may not sound too horrendous, it is when you consider how previous Metal Gear titles performed on their first week. Another spin-off, MetalContinue reading “Metal Gear Survive Struggles in UK Week One Sales Charts”

Kojima Not Involved in Metal Gear Survive

At Tokyo Game Show 2016, Hideo Kojima denied any involvement with the upcoming Metal Gear Survive. Kojima was showing off his upcoming game Death Stranding in a stage presentation to journalists and answering questions, and he denied that anything about Metal Gear Survive was his idea in any way, nor is he involved in the development of the game. WithContinue reading “Kojima Not Involved in Metal Gear Survive”

Metal Gear Survive Revealed at Gamescom

After Metal Gear series creator Hideo Kojima’s departure from Konami, fans everywhere have been wondering what the fate of the Metal Gear franchise would be. Today, at Gamescom, Konami announced the next chapter in the long running series: Metal Gear Survive. Sets as a kind of epilogue, Metal Gear Survive takes place immediately following theContinue reading “Metal Gear Survive Revealed at Gamescom”