Metro Exodus’ Weapon Trailer

We fast approach the release of Metro Exodus on February 15th. To keep our excitement high, 4A Games has released a new trailer showcasing their new weapons system (seen below). The trailer shows the wide variety of weapons that will be featured in their upcoming game and the new customization system for on-the-spot changes. UnlikeContinue reading “Metro Exodus’ Weapon Trailer”

Making a Good Tie-In/Franchise Game: The Rules

Living in the age of mass markets and huge entertainment franchises, it seems a while since there was a decent game released that actually respected the source material and the license the studio managed to get it’s hands on. With the upcoming release of Star Wars: Battlefront II, EA’s second attempt to generate a successfulContinue reading “Making a Good Tie-In/Franchise Game: The Rules”

Books are an Untapped Resource for Video Games

Gaming has reached unthinkable heights as the entertainment medium grows in popularity. Entire tournaments are held, bringing together people from all over the world to compete for huge cash prizes.¬†Internet stars are born just by filming themselves playing video games and reacting to what happens. The newest technological advances are tied to video gaming inContinue reading “Books are an Untapped Resource for Video Games”