Review — Minecraft: Story Mode: Episode 3

Minecraft: Story Mode has had a rocky start; Episode 1 introduced a mixed bag of characters and a clichéd plot while Episode 2 tried to make player choice significant at the cost of gametime and still struggled to find the right balance of tone. For all you loyal Minecraft and Story Mode fans out there who’ve been waiting, take a seat because TellTaleContinue reading “Review — Minecraft: Story Mode: Episode 3”

Sony Halts First-Party Support for Vita

Things don’t seem to be getting any better for the Vita, with Sony announcing that first-party development for the handheld has ceased. Sony Computer Entertainment’s Masayasu Ito confirmed in an interview with 4Gamers that the focus of first-party development with shift to the fresh, and notably more popular PlayStation 4. Ito went on to stateContinue reading “Sony Halts First-Party Support for Vita”