IBM Japan Reveals Sword Art Online VR MMO Project

The VR juggernaut continues to lumber ever onwards, with IBM Japan announcing a collaboration with Kadokawa to create a VR MMO based on the Sword Art Online franchise. Though the specific details are unknown, the project will make use of SoftLayer, IBM’s cloud computing technology, and focus on the concept of cognitive computing. The SwordContinue reading “IBM Japan Reveals Sword Art Online VR MMO Project”

Black Desert Online Closed Beta Test 2 Launches

Black Desert Online has begun its closed beta test 2 (CBT2) as of today! Not too long ago this was announced along with the release date of the game. If you are one of the lucky ones that got access to CBT2 then today is your day to shine. The test will last for 4 daysContinue reading “Black Desert Online Closed Beta Test 2 Launches”

Black Desert Online Name Registration Announced

Good news to all the eager MMO beavers! Black Desert Online has announced that name reservation will begin Tuesday 2/9/16 for everyone that has pre-purchased a copy of the game. That’s only four days away! Black Desert has been #1 on my wish list for a long time now so I, while I am againstContinue reading “Black Desert Online Name Registration Announced”

DC Universe Online Celebrates 5th Anniversary

DC Universe Online, the comic-publishing giant’s MMORPG, is set to make the jump over to Xbox One later this year. The title is currently available on both PC and PS4, with cross-play between the two slated to release on January 25. There has been no mention of cross-play for the upcoming Xbox One release, soContinue reading “DC Universe Online Celebrates 5th Anniversary”

EVE’s Fountain War to be Subject of Novel

EVE Online stands as an interesting experiment in player freedom. With its enormous scale and solely player-driven economy, there’s a deceptively large amount of conflict and action going on. It’s for this reason that author Jeff Edwards has launched a Kickstarter to produce a novel based on the infamous “Fountain War.” The Fountain War wasContinue reading “EVE’s Fountain War to be Subject of Novel”

World of Warcraft Subscriptions Continue to Dive

Blizzard’s MMO juggernaut, World of Warcraft, is experiencing a gradual decline in its player base. Quarterly reports from Blizzard are usually accompanied by a subscriber count, with the most recent report revealing a 5.5 million strong player base. While this is by all means still a strong foundation, it marks the lowest number of concurrentContinue reading “World of Warcraft Subscriptions Continue to Dive”

European Data Centre Open for FFXIV

In a brief video posted to the official Final Fantasy XIV Facebook page, director and producer Naoki Yoshida announced the opening of a European Data Centre for the long-running MMO. This marks the first Data Centre outside of North America and Japan, and promises a smoother connection and better experience for European players. The EuropeanContinue reading “European Data Centre Open for FFXIV”

WildStar is Moving to a Free-to-Play Model

WildStar, an MMO RPG developed by Carbine Studios and published by NCSOFT, is moving to a free-to-play model with WildStar: Reloaded, set to launch on September 29. Reloaded will contain massive changes to the original, including improved dungeons, new itemization and trade skills, as well as brand new content with an overhaul of loot and stats, asContinue reading “WildStar is Moving to a Free-to-Play Model”

The Life and Times of the MMO

Over the past decade, the gaming industry has seen some dramatic changes. Several trends have come and gone, as have consoles, and even entire companies. Amidst this tumultuous ground though, the MMORPG, or Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game, has managed to stake its claim and hold its position as a stalwart component of theContinue reading “The Life and Times of the MMO”

Guild Wars 2 Now Free-to-Play

In an announcement from developer ArenaNet, it was revealed that the popular MMORPG Guild Wars 2 will be eschewing their current buy-to-play model, becoming the latest in the long-list of MMOs to adopt the free-to-play system. Until this point, players were required to pay a one-time fee to access the game. This model stood apartContinue reading “Guild Wars 2 Now Free-to-Play”