Mojang CEO Confirms Xbox Live Login on Nintendo Switch for Minecraft Crossplay

At this year’s Microsoft conference at E3, it was announced that Minecraft will have an important new update coming this Fall, namely crossplay. In a recent interview, Mojang CEO Jonas Märtensson confirms that you will be able to log in to Xbox Live on Switch in order to play the Microsoft-owned Minecraft. He also expresses hisContinue reading “Mojang CEO Confirms Xbox Live Login on Nintendo Switch for Minecraft Crossplay”

Minecraft Frostburn Update Released on PC

It doesn’t feel that long ago since the previous combat-centric update of Minecraft was released. Now a new update has been released for the PC version of the game. You can get this update by simply opening the Minecraft launcher. For the avid players on the console, unfortunately you will have to wait for the update. This updateContinue reading “Minecraft Frostburn Update Released on PC”

Minecraft Price Change For Certain Regions

Distributing games around the world has become super simple with just a server. Pricing a game for sale around the world however, is not. Minecraft, the wildly popular indie game where you have a world to build what you want, is having its price point altered in certain regions to align with the US dollar.Continue reading “Minecraft Price Change For Certain Regions”

Minecraft Combat Update Released On PC

Mojang has officially released the Minecraft Patch 1.9 combat-centric update. This update brings a slew of new features to expand the game from the original which consisted of simply building. Previously, combat in the game consisted of furiously dealing as many attacks towards an enemy in the hopes that they succumb to damage before you did. Now theContinue reading “Minecraft Combat Update Released On PC”