Xenoblade Chronicles X Should Have Been A Part of the ‘Game of the Year 2015’ Conversation

While many feel that games like Rise of the Tomb Raider were slighted last year as far as ‘Game of the Year’ goes, Xenoblade Chronicles X didn’t even have a chance at these awards. Being released on December 4, it missed many of the cutoff dates to be considered ‘Game of the Year.’ With this ‘Game ofContinue reading “Xenoblade Chronicles X Should Have Been A Part of the ‘Game of the Year 2015’ Conversation”

Xenoblade Chronicles X Review (Wii U)

Xenoblade Chronicles X comes from a lineage of a long line of Xeno games that span 17 years, four different console generations and two different developers in Squaresoft and Monolith Soft. Monolith now finds itself a subsidiary of Nintendo, which acquired the developer from Bandai Namco in 2007. While there was much criticism of TetsuyaContinue reading “Xenoblade Chronicles X Review (Wii U)”

Nintendo Should Bring Back The Xenosaga Franchise

Xenoblade Chronicles, which was the spiritual successor to the Xenosaga series, was a critical success and even managed to be released in North America in part because of a fan campaign, Operation Rainfall. While it was its own game, the similarities to the themes and characters in Xenoblade are startling in comparison to Xenosaga. The Monado takes the placeContinue reading “Nintendo Should Bring Back The Xenosaga Franchise”